App Risk Score

The Risk Score assists the administrators of Cisco Cloudlock in determining which applications to Trust and which to Ban. Based on data collected both by the community and by the professional vendors used by the Cisco Cloudlock Cyberlab the admin can decide if an application that is unfamiliar is appropriate for use in their environment.

The Risk Score is comprised of many different attributes:

  • Apps Firewall determines some of the risk based on permission levels requested by the application
  • The Community Trust Rating (CTR)—contrived by the community of Cisco Cloudlock customers with Apps Firewall and their classification of the app as Trusted or Banned.
  • A Cyberlab component or “Industry Risk Score”—This is influenced by internal research from the Cyberlab about the app and the vendor behind it. This includes financial viability, various certifications (such as HIPPA, PCI, etc) and how the cloud service is typically used (e.g. data storage, type of data)
  • The Cyberlab also compares what other vendors have determined about these apps (e.g. Checkpoint, PAN and IBM) based on their own indexes with risk scores for various apps.