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Configure Anycast

The Umbrella virtual appliance (VA) enables the use of Anycast DNS addressing within an enterprise.

The advantage of using Anycast is that all your endpoints can use the same DNS IP address irrespective of the site to which they belong. Configuring an Anycast IP address on the VA adds resiliency for DNS resolution.

The VA currently supports enabling Anycast using the BGP protocol. This requires support for BGP on the VA’s neighboring router, or any router that is reachable from the VA within 255 hops.

You can configure up to 4 routers running BGP as BGP peers for the VA.

Two VAs in different branches can also be configured with the same Anycast IP address, ensuring resiliency across branches. However, if AD integration is required, these VAs must be in the same Umbrella site, since the AD Connector propagates IP-AD user mappings only to VAs in its Umbrella site.

Only IPv4 addresses can be configured as an Anycast address on the VA.

Configure Anycast over BGP on the VA

  1. Enter the Configuration Mode on the VA.
  2. Enable Anycast support on the VA. Enter config anycast bgp <options>
    Command returns an ASN for the VA.
    Options are:
    • enable <anycast_ip> <bgp_info>—Enable the anycast mode
      • <anycast_ip>—Anycast IP address
      • <bgp_info>—ASN:ipaddress:Hop count of the BGP router to publish. If a hop count is not specified, a default value of 255 is assumed, therefore, the router can be up to 255 hops away.
    • add <ASN:Router IP:Hop count>—Use this command to specify an additional router as a BGP peer for the VA. A maximum of 4 peers can be configured.
    • delete <Router IP>—Use this command to remove a BGP peer for the VA.
    • stats—Show statistics around the Anycast configuration
    • summary—Show summarized list of all BGP peers for this VA
    • disable—Disable anycast mode
    • status—Show status of anycast
    • test—test Anycast connectivity
    • help—Display this usage information
  3. Validate status. Enter config anycast bgp status
  4. On the router, add the VA’s ASN from step 2 as the neighbor of the router.

Configuration Example

In the following configuration, the VA needs to be configured with Anycast IP, the BGP router’s ASN is 7105, and IP address is

  1. Enable Anycast support on the VA. Enter:
    config anycast bgp enable 7105:
    config anycast bgp status

VA Output

Anycast is Enabled:
BGP ASN => 787744
BGP Router id =>
Anycast IP =>
BGP Neighbor:
IP =>
ASN => 7105

  1. On the router, configure the neighbour as the VA's ASN (787744).

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Configure Anycast

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