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The Cisco Umbrella Destination List API enables you to create, read, update and delete your destination lists and the destinations within them. You can also share context through the ability to add commentary to a particular destination.

For details about the Destination List API, and to try it out in a limited environment, click here.


Your API access tokens carry many privileges. Keep them secret and do not expose them on public web resources. Failure to protect your tokens will result in revocation.

A token can only be used for the organization(s) it has been generated for. For customer management APIs—such as the ones in this documentation—tokens extend to the management of child organizations under the parent console.

The Umbrella Destination List API is a REST API and its implementation follows RESTful principles. All responses are served in JavaScript Objection Notation (JSON) encoded data. Authentication is required for all requests. SSL is required for all API queries.


Support for this API is provided only to authorized customers who have access to the API. Contact Support at with any questions you might have, including questions about steps already taken, attempted operations, and why errors were generated.


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