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Integration for RV-series Routers

The Cisco Umbrella integration enables a cloud-based security service by inspecting the Domain Name System (DNS) query that is sent to the enterprise DNS server through the Cisco RV Series routers. The security administrator configures Umbrella policies to allow or deny traffic to the requested domain. Cisco RV series router acts as a DNS forwarder on the network edge, intercepts DNS traffic, and forwards the DNS queries to the Cisco Umbrella cloud.


The Cisco Umbrella integration is compatible with the following Cisco RV series routers:

  • Cisco RV340
  • Cisco RV345
  • Cisco RV345P
  • Cisco RV340W

Routers must be running firmware version or later.

You must also have an admin account for the Cisco Umbrella dashboard.


  1. Navigate to Admin > API Keys​ and click Create.
  1. Select Umbrella Network Devices and click Create.
  1. Copy Your Key and Your Secret, check To keep it secure, ... and then click Close.
    You must acknowledge that your key and secret are only displayed once to activate the Close button.
    You will copy them into your router dashboard to complete the integration.
    Note: You have only one opportunity to copy Your Secret. Umbrella does not save it and it cannot be retrieved after its initial creation.
  1. In the dashboard for your router, navigate to Umbrella and check the Enable checkbox.
  1. Paste the API key and secret you obtained from the Umbrella dashboard.
  1. If your network is an intranet, or you are using split DNS domains, enter the domain(s) to bypass. If your network does not match those criteria, leave this field blank.
  1. Check the Enable checkbox to enable DNSCrypt (this may be enabled by default). DNSCrypt improves your network security at the DNS layer by encrypting DNS requests sent to the Cisco Umbrella DNS resolvers.
  1. Click Save to register the Umbrella/RV router integration.
    Check the Registration Status field to see the status of the registration.

Limitations and Restrictions of the Cisco Umbrella Integration

  • If an application or host makes a direct IP layer connection without using DNS, Umbrella policies are not applied.
  • When the client is connected to a web proxy, the DNS query does not pass through the RV router. In this case, the connection to the web server bypasses any policy from Cisco Umbrella.

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Integration for RV-series Routers

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