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Mobility Express Integration

You can integrate Cisco Umbrella with Mobility Express if you are using the latest AireOS 8.8.x software release. This Umbrella integration applies across the Cisco wireless LAN controller (WLC) portfolio, including Mobility Express, WLC 3504, 5520 and 8540.


  • Full Admin access to the Umbrella dashboard.

Deploy the Integration

Follow these steps to enable Cisco Umbrella protection per SSID.

  1. Navigate to Admin > API Keys.
  1. Expand Legacy Network Devices and click Generate Token.
  2. Copy your token. The API token is a long alphanumeric set of characters.
  1. In Mobility Express Web UI, switch to Expert View.
  1. Enable Umbrella and enter the Umbrella API key.
  1. Create and register a profile.
  1. Apply the profile to your WLAN.

After applying your new profile, Cisco Umbrella protection is enabled.

Meraki Cloud-Managed Networks and Umbrella < Mobility Express Integration > Configure Mobility Express for Umbrella

Updated 11 months ago

Mobility Express Integration

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