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Get Started    

Getting Started

  1. Enter a domain name, an IP address, email address or an Autonomous System Number (ASN) into the search bar and click Investigate.

Investigate returns results to help you find out more about whatever it is you're researching.

If an invalid entry is entered, an error is raised that includes an example of the proper syntax to use in order to complete a successful search.

Pattern Search

Investigate supports pattern search functionality for more flexible and extensive searches of domains. The ability to conduct a pattern search for IP subnets and email addresses will be included in an upcoming product update. For more information, see Conduct a Pattern Search.

We encourage researchers to use Investigate to dive deeper and find out about domains or IP addresses, beyond the ones initially entered. Investigate is designed to let you branch out and find co-occurrences between domains and related IP addresses that may be of interest to you. The ability to perform this extra fieldwork can lead to important discoveries when expanding out the details from your original starting point.

Today's online criminals are attacking with more complex malware networks, powered with bigger budgets, and a wider variety of reasons. Investigate provides a perspective on the entire internet that helps you stay ahead of attackers by predicting, anticipating and taking action before attacks start.

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Getting Started

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