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Investigate Views

Umbrella Investigate displays graphical views of security scores and indicators to assist you in your research and analysis. You can search Umbrella Investigate using the following elements:

  • Domain or subdomain—Specify a domain without the protocol or URL information. A domain may include subdomains. For instance, both and are valid and may return different results depending on the zone record configuration of the domain. For more information, see Domain Summary.
  • IP Address—Specify a full IPv4 or IPv6 address, for example: Only enter a single IP address. Investigate does not support searches for an IP range or a partial IP address. For more information, see IP Address View Details.
  • ASN—Specify the Autonomous System Number (ASN), for example: 36692. For more information, see ASN View Details.
  • Email Address—Specify an email address in the standard format, for example:[email protected]. Umbrella Investigate does not support email addresses with wildcards. Use an email address to search for the domain registrant. For more information, see WHOIS – Email View Details.

Passive DNS < Investigate Views > Manage Investigate API Keys

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Investigate Views

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