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Manage Customers

  1. Navigate to Customer Management.
  1. Click the Expand icon to expand information about the customer. Do not click the name of the customer. Clicking the customer name takes you to their Umbrella dashboard.

Once expanded, in addition to basic information about the customer, you can now view the applied default policy, configure Centralized Settings for the customer, and quickly grab the deployment parameters for the Umbrella roaming client.

  1. Update the customer's name and seat count as necessary.
  2. Update Centralized Settings as necessary.
    The Centralized Settings area displays settings as configured through the Centralized Settings component. If you make changes here, they are reflected on the Centralized Settings > Security Settings page.
  3. Click Save.

Umbrella Roaming Client Parameters

Below Centralized Settings is the Deployment Parameters area, which provides you with the information you need to deploy the Umbrella roaming client. The values for Org ID, Fingerprint, and User ID are the ones you'll pass to the installer when deploying the Umbrella roaming client en masse. Instructions for common RMM, including scripts, are linked as a resource.

Select a Role for the New User Account < Manage Customers > Add or Remove Destination Lists

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Manage Customers

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