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ISP Centralized Settings

A centralized setting is one that can be applied to multiple organizations at the same time, including new customers as they come on board. Powerful and easy to use, centralized settings help you reduce your total cost of ownership while increasing your free time. Umbrella's approach of creating many to many links has advantages over traditional templates in enforcing standardized settings while still allowing for customization.

The Umbrella for ISPs console divides centralized settings into the following areas:

Centralized Settings can also be applied to customers from the Customer Management section of the ISP console, although you cannot create centralized settings through Customer Management.

Accessing Centralized Settings and the Overview Page

  1. Navigate to Centralized Settings > Overview.
    The Overview page opens, which allows you to view all of your customers, the number of policies for each, and the applied settings for the customer's default policy. You can also make changes to settings for individual customer policies from the Overview page.
    Note: Customers are added through the Customer Management page.
  1. Click the customer's name to expand the customer and see details about the customer's settings.

Bolded settings are those settings which are not a part of your Centralized Settings but instead are uniquely configured in that customer's Umbrella dashboard.


You can change both kinds of settings (centralized and unique to the customer) from within the Overview Page.

If you wish to change settings, instead of logging into the individual customer's dashboard, simply choose a setting from the appropriate drop-down list. This can be either a setting that is unique to the customer or one that is available for all customers. Each drop-down list organizes Centralized Settings and individual Customer Settings into separate sub-lists.


Cloud Services Report < ISP Centralized Settings > Configure Destination Lists

Updated 5 years ago

ISP Centralized Settings

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