Delete a Trial



Managed Services Trials are available only for MSSPs.

You must manually delete a trial that expires and is not converted to a subscription. You can also delete a trial at any time before it expires. When you delete a trial that has not been converted to a subscription, the Umbrella dashboard in question reverts to the Premium DNS package. A customer can still access the Umbrella dashboard with Premium DNS, but will no longer have access to the package being trialed. For more information, see What Happens When My Umbrella Free Trial Expires.

  1. Navigate to Customer Management and click Trials.
  1. Click a trial to open information about the trial.

The customer's information opens in a new page.

  1. Scroll down to the Delete Trial section and click Delete Trial.
  1. Confirm your delete and then click Delete Trial.

The trial is deleted from the system and Umbrella no longer lists it on the Customer Management > Trials page.

Update Trial Information < Delete a Trial > Extend a Trial