Enable Trial Log Management



Managed Services Trials are available only for MSSPs.

Log Management lets you store the DNS, URL and IP logs of your trials offline in cloud storage. Storage is to Amazon S3 and after the logs have been uploaded, they can be downloaded and kept for compliance reasons or security analysis.

Enabling logging is a two step process: setting up where logs will be stored and then enabling logging for a trial.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Log Management and select a bucket type:
  • Use your company-managed Amazon S3 bucket—A self-managed bucket, where you own the bucket in Amazon and set up the configuration for it. For more information, see Logging to Amazon S3.
  • Use Cisco-managed Amazon S3 storage—Cisco Umbrella owns the bucket, and creates it automatically for you. For more information, see Enable Logging to a Cisco-managed S3 Bucket.
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  1. Once a bucket is set-up, navigate to Customer Management and click Trials.
  1. Click a trial to open information about the trial.
    The customer's information opens in a new page.
  1. Scroll down to the Log Management section and click Enable Centralized Log Management.
    Logging starts immediately.
    You cannot enable log management if you have not first set-up an Amazon S3 bucket.
  1. To disable, click Enable Centralized Log Management again.
  1. In the pop-up window, click Stop Logging.

Reset a Trial Password < Enable Trial Log Management > Monitor Customers through Centralized Reports