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Extend a Trial


Managed Services Trials are available only for MSSPs.

A customer's 21 day free trial period does not start until the customer logs into their Umbrella dashboard.

You can extend a trial three times, each time for an additional seven days.

A trial can be extended after it has expired. Umbrella dashboards downgrade to the Premium DNS package when a trial expires. If you extend a trial after it has expired, the customer's Umbrella dashboard reverts back to the package that was previously being trialed.

  1. Navigate to Customer Management and click Trials.
  1. Click a trial to open information about the trial.

The customer's information opens in a new page.

  1. At the top of the page, click Extend.

The trial is extended. Trial information updates to display the trial's new expiration date and the number of extensions remaining.

Delete a Trial < Extend a Trial > Access a Trial Umbrella Dashboard

Updated 4 months ago

Extend a Trial

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