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Monitor Customers through Centralized Reports

The Managed Services Console's various Centralized Reports provide the means to monitor and evaluate your customer and trial base, letting you quickly evaluate the health of deployments, view security activity volumes across your entire base of customers and trials, and quickly identify issues that require your attention. With these reports, you can assess and prioritize customers and trials when issues arise. You can drill down to those that require your attention, whether that means a deployment that requires policy changes, network changes, the remediating of infected workstations, or the redeploying of software.

Centralized Reports are broken down into the following reports:

  • Overview Report—Gives you a quick snapshot of two key features for all your customers: Activity Volume, and Deployment and Health Status.
  • Deployment Status Report—Gives you an overview of the total number of networks, Umbrella roaming clients, and VAs for your customer base.
  • Security Summary Report—Gives you an overview of traffic and security events for all of your customers.

All of these reports can be generated based on a modifiable time period, giving you both an immediate view—the last 24 hours or today—or an extended custom range of days or weeks.

Data Warehouse Locations

Reports are generated from event data saved to a customer's data warehouse. By default, this data warehouse is located in North America. From a customer's Umbrella dashboard, you can change the location of a customer's data warehouse from North America to Europe at any time.

When a data warehouse location is changed to Europe, the Managed Services Console report updates gives you the option of generating reports for customers whose event data is stored in North America or for customers whose event data is stored in Europe.

Enable Trial Log Management < Monitor Customers through Centralized Reports > Overview Report

Updated 10 months ago

Monitor Customers through Centralized Reports

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