Update Trial Information

Once you have started a trial, you can update customer and deal information at any time. This includes changing email addresses and package selection. If you originally created the trial without a Deal ID, you can also add one.

Because the customer name and billing address mirror the Deal ID in the Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW), you cannot change a trial's customer billing information.

Note: An MSSP customer trial of the Umbrella dashboard is only started if you have selected GPL or Both—not MSLA—as your licensing option when adding a new account. For more information about licensing options, see Manage Licensing.

  1. Navigate to Customer Management and click Trials.
  1. Click a trial to open information about the trial.

The customer's information opens in a new page.

  1. For Customer Information, click Edit, update Customer Email Addresses as needed, and then click Update.
  1. For Deal Information, click Edit, update information as necessary and then click Update.

Note: If a customer purchases Umbrella, the customer’s subscription will automatically reflect the number of seats (licenses) purchased in the CCW Deal.

  1. Click the Trial Name header at the top of the page to return to the Trial Management page and the list of trials.

Start a New Trial—I Don't Have a Deal ID < Update Trial Information > Delete a Trial