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Add a New Customer

  1. Navigate to Customer Management and click Start New Account.
    • If you have selected MSLA as your licensing option, you are taken directly to the customer information page.
    • If you have selected Both as your licensing option, you are first taken to the Deal ID Verification page. Select Create Customer under MSLA.
  1. Add Customer information and click Next.
    Add at least one Customer Email Address. This email address is where the Umbrella Welcome email is sent. This email includes important setup information for your customer.
  1. Complete deal information and click Next.
    • Package Selection—The package you select determines the Umbrella features available to the customer. For more information about packages, see our MSSP Partners page. Scroll down to the "Umbrella for MSSPs Offerings" section.
    • Number of Seats—You must add at least one seat.
    • License—For more information, see Manage Licensing.
  1. Review trial information and if it is okay, click Submit.
    If any information is incorrect or requires updating, click Edit to return to that step and make changes as required.

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Add a New Customer

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