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Convert a Trial to an Umbrella Subscription

Once you've determined that a prospective customer wants to buy Cisco Umbrella, you need to convert their trial to an Umbrella subscription. This is done through the Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW). To successfully convert the trial, the MSSP trial must be configured with the latest Deal ID AND the Trial ID key from the MSSP console must be present in the deal/order.

If you started a trial without a Deal ID, you must acquire a Deal ID from CCW and update the Trial Management page before converting a trial to a subscription. For more information about the Deal ID, see the Cisco Commerce User Guide.

The Deal ID may have changed if the CCW quote was updated at any time during the trial period. If the Deal ID has changed, make sure that you update the Trial Management page with the latest Deal ID.

Note: You need the trial's Trial ID when you convert the trial to a subscription through CCW. The Trial ID is added to CCW as part of the conversion processes.

When a trial is converted to a paid Umbrella subscription, it is removed from the MSSP console's Customer Management > Trials page and relisted on the Customer Management > Customers page.

Enable Trial Log Management < Convert a Trial to an Umbrella Subscription > Manage MSSP Customers

Convert a Trial to an Umbrella Subscription

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