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Create a Global Read Only Administrator

To create a user that’s a Read Only Admin within the MSSP console, but with more privileges within a given Umbrella dashboard, first, create the user account as a Global Read Only.

  1. Navigate to MSSP Settings > Admins and click the + (Add) icon.
  1. From the Choose Delegated Admin Role drop-down list, choose Global Read Only.
  1. Complete all other boxes as required and click Create.
  2. In the MSSP console, navigate to Customer Management and click View Dashboard for the customer.
    The customer's instance of the Umbrella dashboard opens in a new browser tab.
  3. In the Umbrella dashboard, navigate to Admins > Accounts and click Invite .
  1. Add the user's email address and in the Choose Delegated Admin Role drop-down list choose an Admin Role.
  1. Click Invite.
    The user will receive an email invite to the Umbrella dashboard. When the user confirms the invite, that user can sign into the Umbrella dashboard using the email and password you've set up. The user is Read Only within the MSSP console and all other Umbrella dashboards but has full admin rights over this customer Umbrella dashboard.

Invite an Administrator from Another Organization < Create a Global Read Only Administrator > Update Billing Contact Information

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Create a Global Read Only Administrator

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