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Manage Licensing

Before you start adding new customer accounts to your MSSP console, select how you will procure licenses on behalf of your customers. Your options are either through a Global Price List (GPL) or Managed Service License Agreement (MSLA). Based on your selection, the trial and customer creation workflows and options change. For GPL, new customers are added as trial. For MSLA, new customers are added immediately as subscriptions—there is no trial period. If you're not sure on which license to use, contact your Cisco Sales representative.

  1. Navigate to MSSP Settings > Purchasing.
  1. Select a licensing option and click Change License.
    • GPL—Global Price List. With GPL, Umbrella can be sold by MSSPs and around the world—with the exception of a few countries where Cisco is not permitted sell. Licenses are sold to you ahead of time.
      A new customer account is added as a trial Umbrella dashboard and must be converted at a later date to a subscription.
    • MSLA—Managed Service License Agreement. A volume-based monthly, post-paid billing model for Managed Service Providers of any kind: MSP, MSSP, or ISPs. Licenses are issued when a customer account is added by the MSSP and at the end of each month Cisco bills you based on the number of licenses—customers added—during that thirty day period. There is no minimum or maximum number of licenses.
      When adding a new customer account through MSLA, the customer Umbrella dashboard is immediately configured as a subscription. There is no trial period.
    • Both—Allows you the option of selecting either GPL or MSLA when adding a new customer account.
      Note: For more information about licensing, contact your Umbrella Sales representative.

The selection you make here becomes the default licensing agreement when you add new accounts.

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Manage Licensing

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