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Start a New Trial—I Have a Deal ID

Starting a new trial lets you provide a potential customer with free access to Umbrella for 21 days so that a customer can "test drive" Umbrella. When you create a trial, your customer receives a "Welcome to Cisco Umbrella" email that includes a link to your customer's Umbrella dashboard. A customer's 21 day free trial period does not start until the customer signs into their Umbrella dashboard.

At any time during this trial period you can convert a trial to a subscription through the Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW). For more information, see Convert a Trial to an Umbrella Subscription.

At any time, including after a trial has expired, you can extend a trial. Trials can be extended three times, with each extension being for a period of seven days. For additional trial extensions, contact your Cisco Umbrella sales representative.

At the end of the trial period, if the customer has not bought a subscription, the customer's access to Umbrella downgrades to the DNS Monitoring package.

When starting a new trial, we recommend that you first acquire a Deal ID from the Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW). You don't need a Deal ID to start a trial; however, you do need a Deal ID to convert a trial to a subscription. Once you have a Deal ID, update the trial and add this Deal ID information. For more information about the Deal ID, see the Cisco Commerce User Guide.

If you have a Deal ID when starting a trial, the MSSP console automates the input of customer information.

Also, before starting a trial, we recommend that you confirm with your customer as to what Centralized Settings should be applied. Determine if these should be Umbrella defaults or customized to meet customer needs. When shared with a customer, these settings become available in the customer's Umbrella dashboard and can be selected when configuring policies. For more information, see Centralized Settings.

  1. Navigate to Customer Management and click Start New Account.
  1. Select I have the Deal ID, add the Deal ID, and then click Next.
    Customer billing information is automatically added to the Customer Information step.
    Note: You get your Deal ID from CCW.
  1. On the updated Customer Information step, add at least one Customer Email Address and then click Next.
    This email address is where the Welcome email is sent. This email includes important setup information for your trial customer.
    You must press Return / Enter to add the email address. Next is disabled until you add an email address.
    If this not the correct customer information, click Reset to clear customer information and try again. You cannot manually enter customer information.
  1. Complete deal information and click Next.
    For information about various packages available to you, see the Umbrella Package Comparison page.

Number of Seats—You must add at least the minimum number required for the selected Umbrella package.

  1. Review trial information and if it is okay, click Submit.
    If any information is incorrect or requires updating, click Edit to return to that step and make changes as required.

When you click Submit, the trial is started and added to the Trial Management page. You can also review the trial period here. Umbrella sends the Umbrella customer an Umbrella Welcome email that includes login information as well as a link to our Getting Started documentation.

Note: Trial Ends does not update to display a date indicating when the trial will end until the customer logs into their Umbrella dashboard. Trial Ends then updates to display a date 21 days into the future.

Also, when you click Submit, a Trial ID is generated. If you create a trial without a Deal ID, you must use this Trial ID in CCW when you convert the trial to a subscription.

  1. Once you've started a trial, check in with your customer to confirm that a Welcome email has been received and that your customer has successfully signed into the Umbrella dashboard and configured at least one identity. For help getting started with Umbrella, see Umbrella documentation and point your customer to this information, too.

Monitor your trials to make sure that your customer has successfully started using Umbrella. As well, keep tabs on when trials are set to expire. Check in with expiring trials and either extend them or convert the trial to an Umbrella subscription.

Expired trials are listed as such on the Trial Management page. You must manually delete expired trials from the Trial Management page.

  1. To convert a trial to a subscription, contact your Umbrella sales representative. For more information, see Convert a Trial to an Umbrella Subscription.

Manage MSSP Trials < Start a New Trial—I Have a Deal ID > Start a New Trial—I Don't Have a Deal ID