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Welcome to Cisco Umbrella for Partners

Cisco Umbrella for Partners helps you sell Cisco Umbrella by providing you with the ability to create and manage free Umbrella trials and then monitor subscriptions when you make a sale.

An Umbrella trial lets a potential customer "test-drive" Umbrella and lets you demonstrate the value of Umbrella within the customer network environment.

The initial Umbrella trial period is 21 days, which you can renew three time, each for a period of seven days. For information on how to start a trial, see Start and Manage Trials. As well, the Partner Resources center can help you get up to speed with the Partner console. In no time, you'll be creating new trials and wining over new customers. For more information, see Access Partner Console Training.

Welcome to Cisco Umbrella for Partners > Understand the Umbrella Trial Workflow

Updated 5 months ago

Welcome to Cisco Umbrella for Partners

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