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Monitor Cisco Umbrella Usage

When you start a trial, it's important to monitor its usage by your customer. You can do this with the Partner console's listing of its Strength and with information available through Centralized Reports.

When you start a new trial, the Partner console lists the trial's Strength, which is a weighting of how much—or if—the customer is using their Umbrella dashboard.

Reports let you review the activity being generated by your customer's use of Cisco Umbrella and the protection Umbrella provides. Centralized reports are designed to give you a sense of the overall protection being provided by Umbrella for each of your trials, information that you can use to prove to customers that Umbrella delivers on what it promises. You can also use these reports to monitor the health of each Umbrella trial, letting you determine when or if you might need to help a customer better utilize Umbrella. For example, you might contact a customer to help them better utilize their trial after noticing they haven't been sending traffic.


Reports are time-based, giving you both an immediate view—the last 24 hours or today—or an extended custom range of days or weeks. A date range filter is available for each report and is a key variable when generating reports to show how Umbrella is performing.

Note: Use the Trial Management page to keep track of when trials are expiring so that you can check in on customers and determine what their plans are for Umbrella. See Monitor Trial Expiry Dates.

  1. Navigate to Centralized Reports.

Updated 3 years ago

Monitor Cisco Umbrella Usage

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