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Understand the Umbrella Trial Workflow

Starting and then managing a trial of Cisco Umbrella involves more than just clicking Start New Trial.

  1. Before you start a trial, create a quick quote or deal registration through the Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW). This generates a Deal ID that you'll need for your trial. You can start a trial without a Deal ID, but you won't be able to convert the trial to a subscription without one. For more information, see the Cisco Commerce User Guide.
  2. Start a new trial through the Partner console. See Start and Manage Trials.
  3. Once you've started a new trial, help your prospective customer get started with Umbrella. At anytime you can make a request to access your customer's trial Umbrella dashboard—it's part of the process of starting a new trial. You can use this access to help your customer configure Umbrella and realize its full potential.
    When you start a trial, your prospective customer receives an Umbrella welcome email that includes login information as well as a link to documentation that will help your customer get started with Umbrella. We recommend that you check in with your prospective customer to confirm that this welcome email has been received and that your prospective customer has successfully signed into the Umbrella dashboard and deployed an identity. See Umbrella documentation and point your customer to this information, too.
  4. Your prospective customer can trial Umbrella for three weeks (21 days) and you can extend this period three times, each time for an additional seven days. During the course of this trial period, monitor your prospective customer's use of Umbrella so that you can show the value Umbrella adds. See Monitor Cisco Umbrella Usage.
  5. Once you've sold an Umbrella subscription, convert the Umbrella trial to a subscription through CCW. And then monitor your customer's success through the Renewals page, which will let you know when it's time for your customer to renew their subscription.
  6. If your customer's trial is not converted to a subscription (for example, it expires,) delete it from the Partner console. See Delete a Trial.
  7. If, during the course of the trial period, your prospective customer granted you access to their Umbrella dashboard advise them to remove this access.
  8. And of course, continue to support your new customer. From time to time, check in with your customer and confirm that everything's okay.

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Understand the Umbrella Trial Workflow

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