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About the Umbrella API

The Umbrella API allows you to manage identities in Umbrella, specifically hardware networking devices that are specially integrated with the API. These network devices are referenced as identities, and you can use the API to manage policies for these identities.

We have future plans to expand this functionality to include other identity types and reporting.

The first step in using the Umbrella API is to become familiar with how to authenticate to the API. For more information, see Authentication And Errors.

Once you've created your API key, the next steps are to use the API to gather your organization information and learn how to configure a network device. For more information, see Overview of Network Device Management.

If you are using the MSSP or Multi-Org Consoles, the Umbrella API also has a set of reports that's unique to that product. For more information, see About the Umbrella Console API endpoints.

About the Umbrella API