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The Umbrella Management API enables direct customers, SPs, MSPs, and MSSPs to manage organizations, networks, network devices, users, and roaming computers, and integrate actions in those areas into your workflows.

The Management API is a REST API with JSON responses. All requests must include your API key and secret. To do that in cURL, use the -u option: -u 'key:secret'

**For complete information about the Management API calls, and to try the calls in real time, see the API Reference.


1. Generate an API key

  1. In Umbrella, navigate to Admin > API Keys​ and click Create.
    In a management console (Multi-org, MSP, or MSSP), navigate to Settings > API Keys and click Add**.
  2. Select "Umbrella Management" and click Create.
  1. Expand Umbrella Management, copy Your Key and Your Secret, check To keep it secure, ... and then click Close.
    You must acknowledge that your key and secret are only displayed once to activate the Close button.
    Note: You have only one opportunity to copy Your Secret. Umbrella does not save it and it cannot be retrieved after its initial creation.

To generate a new key and secret, click REfresh for your current key and secret. Alternatively, delete the existing key and secret, then create a new key/secret pair.

Rate Limits

The Management API is rate limited. Rate limits are applied per individual API token, and consist of these caps:

  • 5 requests per second
  • 14 requests per minute
  • 350 requests per 30 minutes

When a rate limit is reached, the API will return the Too Many Requests error with the HTTP response code 429. For more information about error codes, see Authentication and Errors.

Data batch size

The API defaults to fetching lists of data in batches of 200.

Using the API

To review the available requests you can submit, see the API Reference.

Header requirement

POST requests require a "Content-Type: application/json" header.

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