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Retrieve all devices or a single device for the current organization

GET /v1/organizations/{organizationId}/networkdevices

After at least one network device has been created, you can obtain a list of all current devices created for an organization. This endpoint returns an array of all devices for your organization.

The response of the API contains the ‘originID’ field that is the assigned asset number in Umbrella. This is required in order to update or delete this network device and is required for additional sets of queries.

Request Parameters

The organization's "organizationID" must be specified in the query string.

Sample query:

curl -i -X GET --url "<organizationId>/networkdevices/" --header 'Authorization: Basic %base64string%'

In the response, an originID parameter for each device is listed. In order to retrieve details of a specific device, add the 'originID' to the query path. The information returned will refer to that device only.

Sample query:

curl -i -X GET --url "<organizationId>/networkdevices/<originId>" --header 'Authorization: Basic %base64string%'



Example return for network device read success - HTTP 200

GET /{organizationID}/networkdevices/
curl --include \
     --header "Authorization: Basic %base64string%" \{organizationID}/networkdevices/
RESPONSE (HTTP 200, Content-Type: application/json)
    "originId": 35872943,
    "deviceId": "0123456789abcdef",
    "deviceKey": "ModelName-0123456789ab",
    "name": "Your Device Name",
    "serialNumber": "12345a",
    "createdAt": {},
    "organizationId": 1234
    "originId": 35872944,
    "deviceId": "0123461234abcdef",
    "deviceKey": "ModelName-0123461234ab",
    "name": "Your Device Name 2",
    "serialNumber": "67890a",
    "createdAt": {},
    "organizationId": 1234

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Retrieve all devices or a single device for the current organization

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