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Provision Using AD Connector Based Provisioning

You must configure the Umbrella Active Directory Connector before you can automatically provision users and groups using the AD connector. To configure the Connector, see Connect Active Directory to Umbrella. If you are already using the Connector, then the same Connector can be used to provision Users and Groups. Users and Groups provisioned through the AD connector can be used for SAML and AnyConnect identities.

  1. Navigate to Deployments > Core Identities > Users and Groups and click Users Provisioning.
  1. Select AD Based Provisioning and click Save. The SAML Users and Groups section appears with the objects you just provisioned.

CSV Manual Import

The CSV imported users and groups cannot be used for AnyConnect, which is dependent on AD connector provisioning.

Note: It can take up to 35 minutes to provision 100k user and group objects.


If you have configured the Connector and don't see any users or groups after selecting AD Based Provisioning and clicking Save, restart the Connector. When the Connector is already in use and configured for provisioning with SWG, the service needs to be restarted to initiate a full sync.

You can now apply SAML Users and SAML Groups identities to the Web policy. You must enable SAML.

Configure Your SAML IdP < Provision Using AD Connector Based Provisioning > Search for SAML Identities

Updated 6 months ago

Provision Using AD Connector Based Provisioning

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