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Prerequisites and Authentication

As an integration partner, Cisco Umbrella will provision you an Umbrella account within an organization (org) that has access to Network Devices. We will also provide you with an API Key to be used by all of your devices (or if desired, one for each model of device).

You will need to provide Umbrella with a working email address to be used for the account, this email should be associated with your company and not be for personal use.

If you are not an integration partner but are interested in becoming one, please email [email protected]

The Umbrella Network Devices API utilizes a vendor-specific API Key and a customer-specific API Token for authentication. All requests to the API must contain these parameters in an HTTP header. A token can only be used for the organization it has been generated for.

HTTPS/SSL is required for all API queries, calls made over plain HTTP will fail. Responses will be in JSON-encoded data.

The device should allow for the Customer API Token to be designated via some method (user input, configuration file, central configuration utility, etc.)

Customers will obtain this API Token from the Network Devices page of their Umbrella dashboard:

Tokens can be refreshed by the customer in their dashboard. When the token is refreshed, all prior tokens will immediately expire and can no longer be used for authentication.

The API Key and API Token should be sent in an "Authorization" HTTP header, in the following format:

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Prerequisites and Authentication

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