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Add a New Administrator

Anyone whose Delegated Admin role is "Full Admin" can add a new administrator to the MSP console. Administrators have full access to the MSP console.

Delegated Administration

Delegated Admin for the MSP console is a feature that allows the console administrator to assign one of five roles to other people within the Umbrella dashboard. These roles can give the assignee the ability to manage customers, but be denied total access to the MSP console, or be given permission to provision new software, but be denied the right to make changes, or be given permissions to update centralized settings, but be restricted from other configurations.

It’s also possible to create a “Read Only” user for the MSP console who has full administrative access to one or more of your customers' Umbrella dashboards. With this access, responsibility for handling individual Umbrella dashboards can be passed to a user that otherwise has limited access to the MSP console.

Limitations of Delegated Administration

  • The Read Only role is not restricted to being able to view only certain parts of the MSP console, such as only some individual customers but not others.
  • It is not possible to be an administrator of MSP consoles and also not allow that user to have administrative access to individual customer Umbrella dashboards.

Add a New Administrator

  1. Navigate to MSP Settings > Admins.
  1. Click the Add (+) icon.
  1. Add information as required and click SEND INVITATION.
    For Choose Delegated User Role, options are:
    • Full Admin—This role has full administrative rights over all aspects of the MSP console and all customer Umbrella dashboards.
    • Provisioning Admin—This role is read-only for centralized settings but has full administrative rights to add, remove and manage customers, including administrative rights over all customer Umbrella dashboards.
    • Support Engineer—This role is read-only for centralized settings, customer management (adding and removing customers) and all other console administrative rights. However, this role has full administrative control over all customer Umbrella dashboards.
    • Limited Admin—This role has full administrative rights over centralized settings and all customer Umbrella dashboards, but is limited to read-only for customer management, including adding and removing customers.
    • Global Read Only—This role is read-only for all aspects of the MSP console and all customer Umbrella dashboards.

Manage MSP Settings < Add a New Administrator > Invite an Administrator from Another Organization

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Add a New Administrator

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