Enable the Intelligent Proxy


Support for the intelligent proxy is deprecated and only available for legacy deployments of the MSP console. The intelligent proxy is not available for new deployments of the MSP console.

  1. In the MSP console, navigate to Centralized Settings > Advanced Settings and click Add A Setting or expand an existing setting.
  1. Toggle on Enable Intelligent Proxy. When enabled, you have access to the following options:
  • Inspect Files—Inspects files for malicious content hosted on suspicious domains before downloading files. A suspicious domain is one that is neither trusted nor known to be malicious, but might potentially pose a threat—in this case we want to run deeper inspection. Our proxy captures the file, scans it to determine if a threat exists and, if a threat is detected, blocks the file from being downloaded. This can be an explicit download, such as when a user clicks on a link in an email or a download that happens behind the scenes, in so-called 'drive-by download' scenarios. The Umbrella Security Activity and Activity Search reports offer you data on these actions so you can review what Umbrella blocked. For more information, see Enable File Inspection.
    Note: Inspect Files is only available with the Cisco Umbrella for MSPs Advanced package.
  • SSL Decryption—Inspects HTTPS traffic. For more information, see SSL Decryption in the Intelligent Proxy.
    You must download and install the Cisco root certificate. For more information, see Import the Cisco Certificate.
  1. Click Continue until you can Save.
    Once it's enabled, it's a good idea to check if it's working as you expect. For more information about testing the intelligent proxy, see Test the Intelligent Proxy.
    To disable the intelligent proxy for testing, or for a group of users, simply un-toggle the option and apply changes.
    For more information about the other advanced security settings on this page, see Manage Centralized Settings.

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