Manage Policies

A policy controls the level of protection and logging applied to an identity and includes which types of sites should be filtered. Cisco Umbrella Easy Protect includes a predefined Default policy that is automatically applied to all identities. Easy Protect’s Default policy is a catch-all that ensures all identities within your organization receive a baseline level of protection.

Best practices for Easy Protect are that you only apply the Default policy to your identities. If your organization has unique protection requirements (for example, blocking a destination), update the Default policy to meet those needs so that all of your identities are protected.

If the need arises, you can create your own custom policy and apply it to identities; however, for Easy Protect this is not recommended. In most cases, a custom policy should only be used to troubleshoot your deployment.

With Easy Protect, you can:

Change your Default policy
Add a new policy.

Manage Licenses < Getting Started with Policies > Change Default Policy