Manage Logs

By default, each customer's Umbrella dashboard instance logs all requests made by an identity. The level of logging for an identity's activity is set when you configure Centralized Settings > Advanced Settings, which are then shared with your customers' Umbrella dashboards. By default, all requests are logged.

Logging levels are:

  • Log All Requests—For full logging, whether for content, security or otherwise
  • Log Only Security Events—For security logging only, which gives your users more privacy—a good setting for people with the roaming client installed on personal devices
  • Don't Log Any Requests—Disables all logging. If you select this option, most reporting for identities with this policy will not be helpful as nothing is logged to report on.

Logging to Umbrella's Data Warehouse

Cisco Umbrella's data warehouse is where your customer's event data logs are stored. By default, event data logs are saved to Cisco's California location; however, your customers can change the location of their data warehouse from North America to Europe at any time. For more information, see Change the Location of Event Data Logs.

Integrate a PSA < Manage Logs > Change the Location of Event Data Logs