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Cisco Umbrella Easy Protect is a simple bare-bones deployment of Cisco Umbrella that offers a baseline of security protection to your customers through network DNS protection. With Easy Protect, you add Network identities, have your customers change their router's DNS settings to use the Cisco Umbrella global network and that's it. Easy Protect's Default policy is automatically applied and your customers are immediately secured against DNS-based threats.

Note that with Easy Protect, your customer does not have access to their own Umbrella dashboard and cannot create policies. For each customer, an identity—in this case, a Network—is added to Easy Protect and that's it. The network is protected!

Note: Cisco Umbrella Easy Protect does not include any kind of reports.

Getting Started

  1. Manually add a Network identity.
  2. Point your customer's DNS to Cisco Umbrella.

Introduction > Manage Easy Protect

Updated 8 months ago


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