Overview of Umbrella Support for Remote Monitoring and Management Tools

Periodically, Cisco develops features, utilities, scripts, and other services that may help with your use of Cisco Umbrella, but are not core to Umbrella's product platform. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) support and integrations fall into this category. We distribute these solutions freely to customers; however, these solutions are not prioritized with our core products and, as such, we offer them strictly as a convenience on an “as is” basis. In other words, we cannot guarantee their suitability for every customer or their availability as our Cisco Umbrella platform and other third-party software evolves over time.

In some cases, deployment scripts have been updated by user communities for various RMM products. Cisco cannot make any recommendations as to the suitability or functionality of such scripts.

Remote Monitoring and Management Solutions

Cisco can be deployed and configured with many RMM solutions. We have listed common programs for your convenience, and in some cases, include sample RMM scripts to deploy the Umbrella roaming client to your customers’ client workstations. This is provided as an "as is" basis and is not comprehensive.


Umbrella roaming client software is only supported on client operating systems. Do not install the software on server-class operating systems.

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