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Welcome to Cisco Umbrella for MSPs

Cisco Umbrella for MSPs gives you, the Managed Service Provider (MSP), the ability to resell Umbrella and manage business services to your customers.

MSPs using Umbrella for MSPs range from small IT providers just transitioning to the monthly managed service model to very large MSPs with clients of all sizes. We've designed Umbrella to accommodate MSPs at all stages of growth. We've also designed Umbrella for MSPs to integrate with the Connectwise and AutoTask PSAs. The MSP console also provides you with the information you need to deploy through a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tool.

MSPs can purchase a bucket of seats to allocate and reallocate those seats to customers as best fits their business needs. Because the license is typically blended into a managed service provided by the MSP, it's owned by the MSP and not the customer. To ensure your accounts remain with you, Umbrella for MSPs only asks for an organization (org) name to help you identify the customer's settings and reports. If you'd like, you can fill in the org name with a complete name, or you can use acronyms to maintain privacy.


We have a Cisco Umbrella for MSPs package as well as an Advanced version that includes more sophisticated features such as file inspection with AMP & AV and custom URL blocking. For more information, see our Solution Brief.

Throughout this documentation we've highlighted where features differ between packages and point out when a feature is only available to a specific package. As a current Umbrella customer, no functionality is being removed from your package. If you're using Cisco Umbrella for MSPs and would like to upgrade your package to the Advanced package, please contact your Umbrella representative.

Welcome to Cisco Umbrella for MSPs > Navigate the MSP Console

Welcome to Cisco Umbrella for MSPs

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