Manage Licenses

On the fourth day of each month, Easy Protect sends information to Cisco Partner Services based on the current license usage as set through License Reporting. Monthly billing is based on this number.

You can add up to six email recipients who will also receive this information.

  1. Navigate to Admin > License Reporting.
  1. Click the Edit icon to update the License Usage as necessary, and then click Save.
    License usage is updated and Easy Protect sends this information to Cisco Partner Services on the fourth day of each month.
  1. Enter the email addresses each separated by a comma, semicolon, or space and then click Add under License Reporting Contacts.
    Listed email address—up to six—receive license count information on the fourth of each month.
  1. To delete an email address, under License Reporting Contacts, click the ellipsis adjacent to an email address and click Delete.
    A Confirm Deletion dialog box appears.
  1. Click Delete to remove that email address.

Manage Easy Protect < Manage Licenses > Manage Policies