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Manage Centralized Settings

Centralized Settings are policy settings shared with customers. You use Centralized Settings to configure how Umbrella protects your customers. You configure settings in the MSP console and then share these settings with your customers' Umbrella's policies. For example, the destination list you create through the MSP console’s Centralized Settings > Destination List and then “share” with a customer is applied on top of any destination lists created through the customer’s Umbrella policy.

The MSP console divides Centralized Settings into the following areas:

  • Overview Page—View all of your customers, the number of policies for each, and the applied settings for the customer's default policy. You can also make changes to settings for individual customer policies from the Overview page.
  • Destination Lists—Add block and allow destination lists that can be applied to the Umbrella policies of both your existing customers and any new customers you might add. You can also edit existing destination lists.
  • Block Pages—Configure block pages that can be applied to the Umbrella policies of both your existing customers and any new customers you might add.
  • Content Settings—Select content categories to block your customers from accessing specific destination types.
  • Security Settings—Determine which categories of security threats are blocked by Umbrella, to which customers these settings are shared, and how they are applied.
  • Advanced Settings—Enable SafeSearch and logging.

Centralized Settings can also be applied to customers from the Customer Management section of the MSP console, although you cannot create Centralized Settings through Customer Management.

Delete a Customer < Manage Centralized Settings > Access Centralized Settings and the Overview Page

Updated 2 years ago

Manage Centralized Settings

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