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Audit Log Overview

The Audit Log keeps a record of admin and other roles' activities. Most of these activities involve logins and modifications to policies or user management.

Audit Log Grid

The dividers between columns can be moved to allow better visibility of the event descriptions.
Event—The action that took place
Description—Details of the action
Initiated by—The user that performed the action
Detected—The date and time (UTC) the action took place


You can filter Audit Logs on Event, Initiated by, or Detected.

You can export the Audit Logs to a .csv file using the Bulk Actions > Export option.

Some examples of Audit Log events include:

  • Activate policy
  • Activate vendor
  • App Classification
  • Automatic app revoke
  • Change status
  • Create policy
  • Create user
  • Deactivate policy
  • Deactivate vendor
  • Delete policy
  • Delete user
  • Export App
  • Grant role
  • IP added to allow list
  • Perform response workflow
  • Search view performed
  • Trusted IP Library Update
  • User has logged in
  • Update policy criteria
  • Update policy severity
  • Update user access
  • View Object