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Data-Loss Protection (DLP) policies monitor content on your cloud platform that is considered sensitive and at risk of exposure. Pre-defined policies are policies whose regular expressions are pre-written by Cisco Cloudlock engineers, some of which can be edited or customized in policy configuration. Configurations available in the policies include:

  • Exceptions to the content regular expression
  • Threshold
  • Tolerance (some are limited to the default)
  • Proximity expressions
  • Platform(s) to monitor
  • File Type
  • Object Type
  • Ownership and Exceptions
  • Exposure and Exceptions

Common PII Used in Predefined Policies

Birth Date

Birth dates are often a

  • (dd) day; (mm) month; (yy) year represented by 6 digits with or without delimiters: dddddd
  • In some cases the century is encoded in the year of birth and the gender may be encoded in the month. These specifications vary per country and are detailed below.

Driver's License, Passport Numbers and Personal Identification Numbers (e.g. TIN, EGN, OIB, NIF etc)

d- numerical digits
l- letter
x- alphanumeric

Drug Name

Common drug names based on the FDA's (Federal Drug Administration) Approved Drug Products with Therapeutic Equivalence Evaluations book, more commonly known as the Orange Book.

Health Condition

Diseases and medical conditions based on the CDC's (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System (NNDSS). For example: Adenocarcinoma, Drug Toxicity and Accelerated Idioventricular Rhythm.

International Bank Account Number (IBAN)


  • Two-digit country ISO code + two checksum digits + Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN)
  • All IBANs are digits only
  • BBAN is broken down into:
  • b- National bank code
  • c- account number
  • s- branch code
  • x- national check digit

Value Added Tax Number (VAT) and Tax ID Number (TIN)

d- numerical digits
l- letter
x- alphanumeric

Predefined Policies by Industry

Aggressive BehaviorABA Routing NumberDate of BirthArgentina National Identity Number (DNI)CCN and Drug Name
Aggressive Behavior v2Australia Bank Account NumberEmail AddressAustralia Driver's License NumberCCN and Health Condition Name
Discriminatory ContentAustralia Tax File NumberEU PIIAustralia PII- Person Name with additional PII IdentifierCanada Personal Health Identification Number (PHIN)
Discriminatory Content v2Canada Bank Account NumberIP AddressAustralia Passport numberICD- 10 Code
Extreme Inappropriate LanguageIsrael IBANLogin CredentialsCanada Passport numberICD- 10 Code and US Person Name
Extreme Inappropriate Language v2Japan Bank Account NumberUK National Insurance NumberCanadian Social Insurance NumberICD- 10 Code and US SSN
FERPASpain IBANUS Person Name and Date of BirthCredit Card NumberMedical Prescriptions
IEPSWIFT CodeCroatia Identity Card NumberNDC Number
Objectionable ContentUK IBANFinland passport NumberUS Person Name and Drug Name
Self HarmUS Bank Account NumberFrance Driver's license NumberUS Person Name and Health Condition
Self Harm v2France ID Number (CNIS)US Social Security Number and Drug Name
US Student Loan App InfoFrance Passport NumberUS Social Security Number and Health Condition Name
France Social Security Number (INSEE)
German Identity Card Number
Greece National Identity Card
Indonesia Identity Card (KTP) Number
Israel ID Number
Italy Driver's license Number
Japan Driver's License Number
Japan My Number
Japan Passport Number
Japan Resident Registration Number
Japan Social Insurance Number
Malaysia Identity Card Number
Philippine Unified Multi-Purpose Identity Number
Portugal Citizen Card Number
Saudi Arabia National Identity Number
Spanish Fiscal Identification Number (NIF)
Sweden Passport Number
Taiwan Passport Number
Taiwan Resident Certificate (ARC/TARC) Number
UK PII- Person Name/National Insurance Number with additional PII Identifier
UK Passport Number
UK Postcode
US Driver's License Number
US PII- Person Name with additional PII Identifier
US Passport Number
US Social Security Number