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November 5, 2019


Important Note:

Future routine maintenance notifications will be communicated only via the Cloud Security Service Status page, at https://status.umbrella.com (alternately, and not email. You can subscribe there, and receive updates from the Status page.

Routine Maintenance
Internal software and coding have been updated for better stability, security, and support of platforms and workflows.

Webex Teams Response Action: Remove User
A new response action removes the user that triggered an incident from the Team Space.

  • Users in direct messages cannot be removed.
  • Moderators of a Space or Team cannot be removed.
  • If a user is removed from a Team’s default space General, the user is also removed from all other spaces within that Team.

Box Quarantine Update
When a file is quarantined in Box (through the response action), all collaborators of the file are removed. The Box account admin is the new owner of the file.