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Before You Begin

The Following Prerequisites are required:

  • The person doing the installation must be a Box Admin (not Co-Admin)
  • Use Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Turn off pop-up blockers/ad blockers (only for the duration of the installation)
  • If your Box environment is configured to disable Unpublished and Published apps by default:
  • If Unpublished Applications: Disable apps by default is selected. Either deselect it until the CloudLock installation is complete or add the API key in the Except for field: [contact [email protected] for the API key to insert]
  • If Published Applications: Disable apps by default is selected. Scroll down to Individual Application Controls, search for Cloudlock, then select Available and Save.


  1. Log into the Box Admin Console
  2. Select Settings (the Gear icon) > Enterprise Settings > Apps
  3. Enable Published Applications (or ensure it is already enabled)
  4. Launch Cloudlock in a new browser tab or window (contact [email protected] for the link to use)
  5. In the Platforms tab of the Settings page select Authorize from the Actions column of the Box platform
  1. The access permissions requested by “Cisco Cloudlock for Box” are listed in the window that appears (the window you see may vary from this illustration).
  1. Grant the API access requested by Cloudlock.
    You have finished integrating Cisco Cloudlock into your Box platform.