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Cisco Cloudlock monitors Google Sites in the following policies:

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)


Google Sites Limitations

Currently, Cloudlock supports Classic and New Sites through context only policies. For example: when permissions for the site changes (i.e. editing rights) the policy will flag as an incident. Exposure is not detected through publishing, however.

Response Actions

In addition to the Global Response Actions available in all platforms, Google Sites also has its own unique Response Action:

Revoke Sharing

Revokes sharing to the site.


Incident Examples

This incident was triggered when a user violated the policy by exposing a Google Site publically.

The Access Control of the Incident Details shows that the link is publically exposed.

View an Object

For a DLP incident, you can click View Object in the uppermost right corner to view the file that violated the policy. Viewing the object with Google Sites will bring you to the site related to the incident.



Viewing an Object Adds a Collaborator

When viewing an object for Google, the user viewing the object is automatically added as a collaborator on the site in Google.