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##Delete Message and/or File
Delete a message or attachment with sensitive information (according to the policy's configuration.)

##Notify Admin via Message
Send a Webex Teams customizable message to specified users when an incident is triggered.


##Notify User via Message
Send a customizable message to the user that triggered the incident via Webex Teams.



Notify Admin or User by Message

Please note that the Notify Admin by Message and Notify User by Message response actions cannot perform if external messaging is blocked. The option to block external contacts from Team Spaces must remain unchecked for either action to occur. This setting can be found in the Cisco Webex Teams Control Hub.


##Remove User
Remove the user that triggered an incident from the Team Space.

  • Users in direct messages cannot be removed.
  • Moderators of a Space or Team cannot be removed.
  • If a user is removed from a Team’s default space General, the user is also removed from all other spaces within that Team.