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  • Use Chrome or Firefox browser
    • Turn off pop-up blockers/adblockers (only for the duration of the installation)
    • Person doing the installation must be a Salesforce Administrator for the org to be monitored by Cloudlock who has the following privileges:


  1. In Salesforce, select Setup, then use Quick Find to search for ‘network access’
  2. Add the following Cloudlock IP addresses to your allow list:
  1. Launch Cloudlock in a new browser tab or window (contact [email protected] for the link to use)
  2. In the Platforms tab of the Settings page, select Authorize in the Actions column for the Salesforce platform (production or sandbox; as appropriate).
  3. Select Authorize.
  4. Return to Salesforce and grant the API access requested by Cloudlock.


Support for Salesforce Free Managed Apps

As of October 30, 2020, Salesforce Free Managed apps (Event Monitoring Viewer, Selective Encryption, and In-App Security) will no longer be supported by the Cloudlock for Salesforce application.