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Apps Firewall is a product of Cisco Cloudlock that monitors the OAuth grants of third-party applications by users in your environment. The features of the product enable administrators to verify the potential risk that installed apps in the environment can have, depending on what information the scopes request. Cloudlock Apps Firewall is available for Google and O365 platforms.

Google Apps

Cloudlock monitors Google apps installed by the following methods:

  • GSuite (Marketplace apps),
  • Google web apps
  • Android OAuth apps
  • Chrome extensions (via OAuth)

Apps Firewall can monitor apps that are installed domain-wide by Google admins but Cloudlock cannot revoke these apps. To revoke these apps a Google admin would need to remove that app domain-wide.

O365 Apps

Cloudlock monitors apps installed through the Azure AD API by the following methods:

  • Admin-approved apps installed from the Azure AD portal
  • Admin-approved and user-installed apps installed from the Office 365 Store
  • Apps installed and authorized via OAuth single sign-on (web or mobile)

Cloudlock does not support apps that are not admin-approved and installed by users directly from the Office 365 store. This includes add-ins and add-ons.