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Slack for Teams

As of February 24, 2021, Cisco Cloudlock for Slack will only support Slack Enterprise plans. This is due to the deprecation of various APIs by Slack, which is required for Cloudlock to provide CASB functionalities for Slack Free, Slack Standard, and Slack Plus plans.  As per Slack official guidance, we continue to support DLP offerings to Enterprise plans only. 

If you have any questions, contact [email protected].


In order to configure Cloudlock and Slack to work together, you will need:

  • accounts with administrator privileges for both platforms
  • an account in Google, O365, DropBox, Box, WebEx Teams or Okta to use to log into Cisco Cloudlock


Follow these steps to enable Cisco Cloudlock protection for Slack:

  1. Log into Slack as an administrator.
    Make sure you open the Slack environment you need to protect with Cloudlock.

  2. In a separate browser tab, log into Cloudlock as a superadministrator.

  3. Select Settings from the Cloudlock navigation panel:

  4. Select Platforms tab then select Authorize from the Actions column of the Slack platform

  1. Select Authorize.
    The Configure dialog closes and the following dialog appears (the labels “Cloudlock Beta” and “Cloudlock (Plus)” will be replaced by your platform labels):

You have finished configuring your Slack platform in Cloudlock.