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Resources Returned via API

The following are resources returned by the API but not exposed as endpoints. Each listed resource includes an example of an endpoint that may include it. Resources include:


An Entity represents an object in the vendor (the vendor is the source application, e.g. Google Drive, Salesforce, etc.)

Field IDTypeDescription
idstringThis is Cloudlock Internal Identifier for an entity
namestringName of the underlying object represented by this entity
mime_typestringThe mime type of the object/document (if any)
owner_emailstringObject owner's email address (e.g. [email protected])
owner_namestringObject owner's name (i.e. John Q. User)
origin_idstringThis is the identifier of the object in the vendor system
origin_typestringThe object type (i.e. document, post, app, event)
direct_urlstringURL to the object
vendorresourceSee the vendor general resource
extra:origin_type_labelstringThis field gives additional info regarding the scanned object that triggered the policy violation
extra:origin_type_label_pluralstringSimilar to the origin_type_label but for a plural label


A policy is a set of rules that trigger an incident when matched.

Field IDTypeDescription
idstringThe is the Cloudlock Internal Identifier for a policy
namestringThe name of the policy. Possible values: SSN, PCI or any policy name


A Match represents an occurrence of a content pattern in an object (e.g., a file). The content pattern is defined in a policy.

Field IDTypeDescription
created_attimestampWhen this match was detected, in UTC
textstringtext to search for in an object. Relevant for content detection criteria="Custom regex criteria"" only
ctx_afterstringCharacters after the match
ctx_beforestringCharacters before the match
field_namestringRepresents the field or object this match was found in


The app resource returns information regarding an installed application.

Field IDTypeDescription
idstringThe internal Cloudlock id for the application
namestringThe name of the application, for example: Google Drive
vendorresourceSee the vendor general resource
trust_ratingstringThe community trust rating score
categorystringThe app category
origin_idstringWhere the app was installed from
install_typestringWas this installed across the domain or by a user. Possible values: domain_wide, user
is_revokablebooleanStates whether the app can be revoked


The classification resource returns information on when and how applications are classified.

Field IDTypeDescription
reasonstringThe reason for the classification
updated_attimestampThe classification's last update time, in UTC
methodstringThe method by which the classification was changed. Possible values: manual, policy
typestringApplication's classification type. Possible values: unclassified, trusted, restricted, banned


The vendors' resource returns information on the vendor platform.

Field IDTypeDescription
namestringThe name of the vendor. For example: "google"

Scope Categories

The scope categories resource returns information on the access scopes which exist per each category.

Field IDTypeDescription
category_idstringThe category id. For example: BINFO, LACES etc¦
titlestringThe categories title. For example: Basic Information
vendorssourceAccess scope information broken down by the vendor platform. See the vendors general resource

The following Scope categories exist:

Scope CategoryDescription
FDATAFull data access
BINFOBasic info
LACESLimited access to data and files
PINFOPayment Information
INBOXAccess Inbox or contact information