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Cisco Cloudlock for Google includes monitoring files, folders, and activities in the Google Suite.

Google Platforms Supported

For information on Google Applications Firewall see Apps Firewall.

Special Features

Cloudlock for Google includes two features not available with other platforms:
Object Activity and the Search Page. Object Activity provides more details on the file that triggered an incident. For more information see Google Drive and navigate to the Incidents section.


Search for Google Sites

Google Classic Sites is not supported in Search.

Set Up

For prerequisites and installation steps see Google Suite Quick Start Setup Guide.

Monitoring Scope

Cloudlock for GSuite supports a monitoring scope for organizations that want to customize which users are monitored. You can configure your monitoring scope in the Platforms tab of the Settings Page by selecting the Google platform. You have the option to monitor files and activities of all users on all domains, specific groups, or specific OUs. Adding a list of domains will monitor the selected scope within those domains.