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Enable Cisco SSO

  1. Open the log in page for your Cisco Cloudlock instance.
  2. Select Cisco SecureX Sign-On.
  1. Enter the email associated with your Cisco SecureX Sign-On account, then click Log In.

4. If you do not have a Cisco SecureX account, click Cisco SecureX Sign-On to create an account. In the following window click Sign up. For more information about creating this account, see Cisco Secure Sign-On Quickstart Guide.

  1. Sign in with the credentials provided when you created the Cisco SecureX Sign-In account.
  1. Log in with Duo Security as the second factor of authentication.

There can be an optional third factor of authentication with Google Authentication, but only Duo Security is mandatory. Once the authentication is complete, your success is acknowledged:


Cisco Secure Sign-On is now enabled (you will receive a confirmation email).