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OneLogin can be used as an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) provider, as well as authorized as a platform in Cisco Cloudlock. Refer to the following sections to activate OneLogin’s SAML service and/or OneLogin as a platform.


The prerequisites for OneLogin installation are:
● Administrator credentials in OneLogin. The following rights are required: Super User.
● Ability to log in to Cisco Cloudlock as an administrator via Google or another OAuth-based system.
● You will also need your OneLogin account REST API key.

Set Up OneLogin Authentication in Cloudlock

Follow these steps if you need to set up OneLogin-based SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) authentication in Cloudlock.

  1. Log in to OneLogin as an administrator.
  1. Select Apps>Add Apps.
  1. On the Applications panel, search for Cloudlock, then select it.
  1. In the Configuration panel that appears, enter your organization’s domain, then select Save.
  1. Select SAML metadata. A file containing the metadata automatically downloads (to the location specified in your browser’s preferences; usually the Downloads folder).
  2. Open the SAML metadata file in a text editor and copy the contents.
  3. Log into Cisco Cloudlock using your OAuth credentials (e.g. Google, etc).
  1. In the Cloudlock window, select Settings > Add Users, then add the ID you will use for your SAML login.
  1. In the Settings panel, scroll down and enable SAML Configuration, then paste the SAML metadata you previously copied from the downloaded file.
  1. Log out of Cloudlock.

  2. Select SAML to log back into Cloudlock.

  1. Enter your SAML credentials in OneLogin’s sign on panel.
  1. The Cloudlock dashboard appears. You have finished SAML setup for OneLogin.

OneLogin Platform Authorization

This section details how to configure OneLogin as a cloud platform in Cisco Cloudlock.

Generate an API key in OneLogin

  1. Log into your OneLogin domain.
  2. Select Settings > API.
  1. Select View Legacy API Key (at the bottom).
  1. Generate a new API Key.
  1. Copy the key to paste into Cisco Cloudlock (in the next procedure).

Set Up OneLogin as a new Platform in Cloudlock

  1. In Cloudlock, select Settings > Platforms tab
  2. Select Authorize in the Actions column for the OneLogin platform
  3. Enter the following information in the Configure Platform form:
    API Key: paste this from the OneLogin security API settings page.
    Password: please contact [email protected] for this information
  1. Select **Authorize**.
    You have finished setting up OneLogin as a new platform in Cloudlock.