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Android Configuration Download

  1. In the Umbrella dashboard, navigate to Deployments > Core Identities > Mobile Devices.
  1. Click Manage MDMs.
  1. Click to download Android config file.

This file contains details that is required to enable Umbrella security on your Android device. For example, it includes the organization ID and unique registration token associated with your Umbrella organization.
{"organizationInfo":{"Value":{"organizationID":<orgid>,"regToken":"<reg token>"}}}
Only one administrator is required to download the config file.

  1. Save the file securely; you will use it in deploying your mobile device manager (MDM).
    Follow the link matching your MDM:
    Cisco Meraki MDM
    MobileIron MDM
    VMware Workspace ONE
    Microsoft Intune MDM
    Samsung Knox MDM

Fail Close/Open Scenario

In Mobile Device Settings, select either of the options available for iOS and Android devices:

  • Fail-Open
  • Fail-Close
    To adjust the notifications on the device, select one of the user notifications on the device.

Note: The Mobile Device Settings are the only settings applicable for Android devices under the Umbrella Security Settings.

In case of internal errors, such as, the Umbrella Resolver is not reachable or the DNSCrypt Certificate is not available, the Umbrella UI displays the following:

Deploy the Android Client < Android Configuration Download > Cisco Meraki MDM

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Android Configuration Download

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